Endometrial sampling: a comparison between the Pipelle endometrial sampler and the Endosampler

Robbert Soeters, Judith Whittaker, Katrien Dehaeck


Objective: To compare the adequacy of endometrial sampling by the Endosampler and the Pipelle.

Methods: A total of 68 women were randomly assigned to submit to pre-hysterectomy endometrial sampling, either by the Endosampler or the Pipelle. The amount of endometrial tissue sampled was measured by calculating the percentage endometrium sampled by each of the two devices. Acceptance by the gynaecologist was measured on a linear scale.

Results: The Endosampler sampled signficantly more endometrial tissue than the Pipelle endometrial sampler (p-value = 0.03). Acceptance of the Endosampler was better than that of the Pipelle (p-value = 0.0005). With the use of the Pipelle, three significant endometrial lesions were missed, including endometrial carcinoma in one instance.

Conclusion: The Endosampler appears to be an easy-to-use device for endometrial sampling, with reliable diagnostic yield.


Endometrial sampling; Pipelle endometrial sampler; Endosampler

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