Haemangioma of the cervix: a rare cause of postcoital bleeding

Anita Mohan Gan, Geeta Sanjeev Durdi, Bhavana Yatin Sherigar, Shobhana Suresh Patted, Prakash Rudrappa Malur


Haemangioma of the cervix is an extremely rare benign lesion, and only a few sporadic cases have been reported.1 Haemangiomas are benign tumors that originate from endothelial cells of the blood vessels, which represent multipotent cellular elements, or from pericytes located on the outer side of the blood vessel wall. These vascular lesions may be asymptomatic or may cause abnormal vaginal bleeding which may be, rarely, life threatening. The epithelium covering these haemangiomas is usually intact but, in exposed areas like the cervix and the vagina, traumatic ulceration of the overlying epithelium may create a lesion that tends to bleed on slight contact or trauma.2

We report a case of cervical haemangioma, a cause of postcoital bleeding, which was managed successfully by a conservative procedure.


hemangioma of cervix, post coital bleeding, loop electrosurgical excision procedure

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